it me.

I’m Catherine. I’m a beach baby who fell in love with the desert, a born and raised New Englander with a penchant for escaping New England. I will travel great lengths just to eat something new and sit somewhere with the sun on my face. If you like tequila and being outside, and GOT, and slightly off-color humor, we'll get along.


the long and
short of it.

I studied art history in college, after which I started exploring, taking my camera everywhere along the way. Living in Italy and the Caribbean, working in Boston, exploring the American West. I started shooting for a marketing position, and hobby became work, and work became life, in the best way. I've shot commercial jobs, branding, boudoir, family sessions, events large and small, and love stories of all kinds. Those stories are the ones I live for. My approach is unfussy. Treat me like family because that’s what we’ll be in the end. I specialize in the unrehearsed and the unposed. I'm here to help you tell your story as it should be told, to be revered for generations to come.


my work